Self Pay Hand Surgery

The Covid pandemic has given rise to significant challenges in the provision of hand surgery in the UK in both the NHS and private sectors.


Fortunately, Mr Hayton has been able to continue performing the majority of his hand procedures, in both the NHS and private sectors, under local anaesthetic infiltration (WALANT) with minimal disruption and his waiting lists are reasonable.


This is not common around the UK and waiting lists nationally are significant despite the best efforts of local surgeons who have either not had the opportunity to operate on such cases or not familiar with the WALANT methods.


Mr Hayton has a very Consultant led NHS practice and performs, or assists, in the vast majority of his operations. In the private sector Mr Hayton would perform all the surgery himself.


Patients have always been able to self fund hand surgery operations and this article will explain the process based at the Spire Manchester Hospital.


We are able to offer transparent pricing for a wide variety of hand and wrist surgery procedures both under local anaesthetic (WALANT) as a walk in walk out in our ambulatory procedure room, or as a day case under general (GA) or regional block (RB) anaesthesia in the main operating theatre.


We do not require a GP letter of referral for self pay care although your GP will be included in all correspondence.


An initial consultation is required to assess your condition and ensure an agreement on the management plan proposed. Consultations can be either face to face (F2F) or via secure zoom video appointments.


Appointments can be made by calling The OrthTeam Centre 0161 447 6888.


F2F consultations are preferred. However many of Mr Hayton’s patients travel long distances and an initial zoom consultation often can be used safely in these circumstances.


Often during the zoom appointment enough information is available and adequate assessment is made to safely provide a management plan. If however there is any doubt in the assessment or a physical examination is required then a F2F examination would be arranged prior to surgery.


Past hospital letters were available are very useful, along with past imaging that may have been performed.


Mr Hayton’s secretary can request past imaging to be digitally transferred from where it was taken (via a process called IEP) to the Spire Manchester hospital ahead of your appointment.


The price of an initial F2F consultation varies between £225 and £275 depending upon case complexity and an initial zoom consultation costs £150.


During this appointment the problem will be assessed and a proposed management plan outlining the investigations, options including non-operative methods will be fully discussed along with the likely outcomes, risks, complications and rehabilitation.


If surgery is required the price will be sent soon after the appointment. This fee would include the surgeons operative fee, the anaesthetic fee, the hospital (facility) fee and up three post operative visits with Mr Hayton.


The fees for post operative hand therapy varies on location of the surgery performed either in the main operating theatre (included) or in the ambulatory procedure room (not included).


We have fees for the more common hand surgery procedures available on request. The majority of other less common hand and wrist operations are available as a self pay including hand trauma.


Mr Hayton’s fees reflect his experience and expertise as a Consultant Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon since 2003 and he would perform the surgery himself.


Mr Hayton has now consolidated his private practice based at the OrthTeam Centre for consultations, and performing surgery next door at the Spire Manchester Hospital.


He performs private surgery at Spire Manchester hospital in two types of operating areas.


Surgery is either performed on the ground floor in “the walk in walk out” ambulatory operating room under local anaesthetic only, or on the first floor in the main operating theatre using local, general or regional anaesthetic.


The ambulatory operating room is suitable for local anaesthetic only operations that do not require an implant to be inserted such as a screw , plate or anchor.


If an implant is needed the procedure would need to be performed in the main operating room.


National guidelines are being reviewed establishing what procedures can be safely performed in the various operating environments and the above may change in time with more types of procedures being allowed in the ambulatory procedure room.


Post operatively you will be reviewed by Mr Hayton or his team. Simple hand surgery cases often only need a zoom follow up consultation, others require hand therapy. In the majority of cases Mr Hayton uses absorbable sutures to reduce the need for suture removal.


Throughout the self pay process we are available to help with any queries you may have.


Please email direct or call his secretary 0845 838 7766.


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