Mike speaks at the 2nd UAE upper limb update meeting

Mike was invited to speak the second Abu Dhabi upper limb update conference 2019.

Mike receives many referrals from Abu Dhabi and Dubai and it was nice for him to meet the people that refer him the patients and discuss how they are doing following treatment. It was an opportunity for Mike to continue to build links with Dr Ali Alsuwaidi and Dr Mohamad Louay Jaban who work at the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.  

Mike spoke giving his experience to the audience on joint replacements in the wrist and wrist. He gave an overview of the indications and the types of implant that can be utilised. The audience was mixed consisting of physical therapists, family doctors, general Orthopaedic surgeons and upper limb surgeons. He therefore kept his talk broad to cater for all knowledge level. his second talk was on wide awake local anaesthesia surgery with no tourniquet (WALANT). This is a relatively new method of anaesthesia in the UAE is used in occasional centres. Mike demonstrated the benefits of WALANT surgery to both his patients and himself. The patient is able to watch the operation themselves, avoid a general anaesthetic including the after effects, and is able to go home soon after the operation. The benefits to the surgeon are that there is real-time active biofeedback, that can help improve the outcome of the surgery by ensuring optimum range of movement, stability of the procedure and directly visualise any structures that may be catching while the patient moves they hand themselves. His final talk was an overview of common health conditions that are encountered in the FRCS(Orth) examination. he ran through over 80 common hand and wrist conditions with clinical slides demonstrating the pathology.




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