Personal injury

I have been preparing personal-injury medical reports for more than 20 years and therefore my experience is reflected in my fees and terms and conditions.


I am instructed by both claimant and defendant solicitors and offer an impartial opinion that will be robust and based upon my clinical experience and where relevant the literature.


The range of injuries that I review vary from fingertip injuries through to catastrophic hand the wrist injuries with significant ongoing functional limitations.


Each report will be based on a thorough assessment with interview of the claimant followed by a clinical examination.


Great care will be taken to determine the mechanism injury, it’s initial and subsequent treatment and  the functional limitations that the claimant may be suffering in the past, present and offer a future a prognosis.


I will determine the impact on past and future employment and also give an opinion upon whether the claimant is disabled for the purposes of the Disability Act.


In the course of the assessment of the extent of the claimants injuries I would be able to establish the extent and duration of any continuing disability and impact on daily living


If there is continuing disability, I would comment on the level of suffering and inconvenience caused. 


My report with be fully compliant with CPR and will only concentrate on my area of expertise, namely hand and wrist injuries.


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