Video consultation - telemedicine

Tele-medicine consultations are now available.

They avoid patients having to travel to a hospital, especially in light of the the to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, many of my patients travel from all over the country, and this saves them a full day trip to the North West of England to see me. They can do this from the comfort of their own home, or from an office, and it avoids them interfering with their busy lifestyles. Tele-medicine is not for everyone however, and very occasionally I do need to physically examine a hand post-operatively, and in such cases a tele-medicine consultation would not be offered. 

A note re COVID-19 

Thank you for your cooperation during these troubled and unprecedented times.  I appreciate you may not wish to attend a hospital in view of the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

For this reason, I am able to offer a secure video consultation that may be of interest to you.  This requires either a smart phone or computer with video and audio capabilities. 

My preferred virtual clinic is secure and is through nhs.attendanywhere.


Please not that this is a free service to my Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS patients but a fee will be required for self pay private and insured patients. 



Please contact Fiona my secretary for an appt and we will send a time for you to log into the virtual clinic using a specific link


Please do not book in without an appointment time as I may not be available.

Once you have booked into an agreed slot I will be able to see when you have logged on and be with you as soon as possible.


Fiona will send a PDF that will explain how it all works if you have any problems. Note this is only free to my registered NHS patients and self pay and insured patients can contact Fiona regarding fees.


In using this service, we both agree to the video consultation and fully understand that it does not replace a face-to-face consultation with clinical examination.  Having appreciated these limitations we agree that a video consultation would still have value to the management of your condition in the current rapidly evolving situation with Covid-19.

Keep safe






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