Hand Conditions

Mr Mike Hayton
FRCS(Trauma and Orth) FFSEM (UK)
Consultant Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon

The hand and wrist are very complex parts of the body and as a result a wide variety of problems can occur. We have attempted to describe in some detail the more common hand and wrist problems that are reported by patients to their family doctors. The information has been written with no medical jargon and continuous feedback from my patients allows this to improve and expand year on year.

Mike increasingly uses videos to demonstrate principles of clinical examination and also the surgical techniques. However watching medical videos is not for everyone. So Mike has therefore placed video clips as separate links for you to click to view. This will hopefully prevent those who are squeamish from viewing such material. There will be a simple link to google videos who host Mike's video library.

Please note all videos are anonymous and we have the patients consent for publication in this format.


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